• Staff

  • Vishal Vaid

    Founder, Consultant

    Breaking computers since 1987 and fixing them since 1993, Vishal Vaid is no stranger to technology.  Vishal started by obtaining an after-school IT apprenticeship while in High School, creating a freelance IT consulting business in college, earning a Bachelors in Computer Science from Northwestern, working for almost a decade for some of the largest consulting firms on projects for some of the largest companies in the world, all while helping some of the smallest businesses in the world with their diversity of IT needs in his "spare time".  With solutions ranging from developing front and backend web applications, custom coding new and existing client software, creating and integrating Sensors and RFID-enabled enterprise applications, enterprise site to site network deployment, server and client computer management, infrastructure design and implementation, new server setup and configuration, or cloud enabled and integrated file, email, and backup management, there are few aspects of IT that Vishal hasn't been exposed to in at least some capacity.  In 2007, Vishal decided his only "job" would be for his own clients, and has been devoting his time and effort to satisfying the technology needs of his clients, while continuing to build a business infrastructure to support a growing roster of clientele ever since. 

  • Preetesh Patel

    Consultant, Technologist, Client Service Specialist

    Preetesh brings an exceptional blend of business and technology to VaidCorp.  A Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Systems degree holder, Preetesh worked in corporate IT for Mellon Bank for 2 years, working on various IT initiatives and building a strong technology base.   He took a career detour and served in a business management capacity for a variety of businesses, including the end-to-end management of 2 hotels, and being the integral business manager for an international call center, where he spearheaded business development, recruiting, training, creation of standard operating procedures,  and managed all overall operations for a company of 100 people.  During this process, Preetesh continued developing an aptitude and passion for IT, being integrally involved in the IT setup and management for the businesses he managed, all of which culminated in his desire to pursue IT consulting as a rekindled interest.  VaidCorp welcomes Preetesh and looks forward to his continued growth!